Sweetcorn, cheese & edamame

11 Aug

The pizza influenced “Sweet corn & Cheese” is indeed very tasty, but I have to admit they lack colour…
We need something green and similar shape to corns… Oh, Edamame in the freezer! The crunchiness of these Japanese beans gives a nice kick to the cheesy toast!


Sausage, fried egg and ketchup

10 Aug

Here is one for a weekend brunch. This mega size toast will definitely fill your empty stomach.
Place the sausages first so that the perfectly cooked egg won’t get squashed and accidentally get messy. Oh, and don’t for get ketchup, the magic ingredient, too!

Marshmallow & Chocolate sauce

9 Aug

Nothing is better than toasted marshmallows on a cold winter day.
Half way through toasting the bread, load it with as many marshmallow as you can. Put it back in the grill for another minute or so. Drizzle chocolate sauce.
Be careful, marshmallows get piping hot!

Mushroon, Spinach & Cheese

8 Aug

We tend to put cheese on anything, don’t we? Call us lazy, but this is the easiest way of making a variation, and they do taste good!
So, if you like mushroom and spinach, try making it cheesy. You’ll see the power of cheese!

Sausage, Mushroon & Ketchup

7 Aug

If cheese is the best supporting actor, tomato ketchup is the best supporting actress…
This pretty red sauce is not only give a toast more flavour but also more colour! Pour the ketchup between sausage and mushroom, Hoh! what a change she can make!

Apricot Jam

6 Aug

Sweet and sour, apricot jam is a good choice when you can’t find anything to put on a toast but you’re bit bored of the strawberry jam. If you only like the flavour and taste of apricot, get the one that hasn’t got bits in it. But I love a chunky bit or two on my toast, so I’ll go for one with bits please…

Alphabet Pasta

5 Aug

A tinned pasta may not be a real pasta to Italians, but it actually taste good, especially on one of those days when you don’t want to cook.
Plus, it’s fun! Find your name, make some words, or even we can write a message!