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Top Toast Version 1.1

17 May

Hello everyone,

We’ve updated TopToast iPhone/iPod App. (If you haven’t got it yet, find out more here!)
The feature we’ve added this time is the “Average rating”. When you and other uses give the ratings of 0-5, it does some clever stuff and shows you the average rating per toast across all users. This feature works immediately and the average rating will appear shortly after opening a toast (as long as you’re connected).

See what other people think about your favourite toast! Do you agree with others? Or are your tastes different from everyone else?

If you haven’t already, grab yourself a copy of Top Toast App now and the reduced price to celebrate the update (limited time only)! Click here.


Top Toast Free

11 May

Hello everyone.

We’ve got news for you. We have now added a free version of Top Toast on the App Store (See it on the App Store) , which gives you access to Toast of the day and also enables you to add Toast of the day to Favourites.

With free version, you cannot see all 100+ toasts in the library, but this is a great free app for those who haven’t got the full version of Top Toast on their iPhone to get a taste of Top Toast, and the exciting recipes!

Go and grab a copy now!

We hope you like it!

Top Toast is HOT!!

9 May

Hello everyone, it’s Hairy! How are you all? Hope you’ve been enjoying toast as much as I do every day and night…
It’s been nearly a month since the launch of Top Toast app. And we’re so pleased to let you know that Top Toast is currently featured on “What’s Hot” on the UK app store, lifestyle secession! Yaah Hoooy! Pretty cool!

Thanks so much everyone for supporting us! We’ll keep it up and be introducing exciting new features on the app.

For now, let’s celebrate with MEGA size toast followed by some sweet toast for dessert…

Lucky 10 winners!

14 Apr

Available in the app store
Congratulations to 10 lucky winners who received a free copy of Top Toast App!

It’s been a busy day at Top Toast HQ. This afternoon, we finally chosen 10 toast lovers to give a free copy of Top Toast App. Those lucky winners who have been contacted, don’t forget to claim your promo code!

We’re planning to hold some exciting events very soon, so stay tuned and get involved!
Meanwhile, please send us feedbacks and enjoy Top Toast!

Oooooh, YES, Breaking News!

14 Apr

Available in the app store
Good morning everyone!
Today is the day we’ve waited for so long!
Top Toast is NOW on the App Store!!

We’re extremely thrilled to announce the launch of our exciting new app. It is, quite frankly, the BEST Toast Recipe App! Go to the app store, get one, and find out what Top Toast really is with your eyes, fingers and tongue… (hum, accidentally I sounded bit dodgy…)

Well, there is nothing else much to say now, and I’ve got to go now since my breakfast is ready.
Oh by the way, Today’s Top Toast is “Marshmallow, Banana & Chocolate”. Sweet!

Have a good day, everyone. Hope you enjoy Top Toast!
Hairy, xxx

Come on, Apple!

12 Apr

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a lovely day.
It’s been a week since we announced our submission of Top Toast to the app store. Unfortunately, we still haven’t heard anything from Apple. The good news is that a lot of people are already signed up for our mailing list to win a FREE copy of Top Toast, so those who haven’t signed up yet, make sure you subscribe to our mailing list now!
Hopefully, we’ll get back to you with some kind of result (whether accepted or refused…) in a few days.
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy toast…

We’re now waiting for review.

5 Apr

Hello, everyone. It’s been a little while since we said “It’s coming”. Sorry for keeping you waiting, we’ve been busy toasting. Hope you understand…
But, no more waiting. Top Toast is really coming! We’ve submitted the app to the app store, so it’s not in our hands anymore. Fingers crossed! With a bit of luck, 100+ exciting toast recipes will be on your phone for this weekend!
Oh, and of course, don’t miss the chance of winning a FREE copy of Top Toast!